New Spoiler Alert!: Fringe 'Observations,' Grey's Death Takes a Toll and Gossip Girl Finale Twist!

Michael Ausiello

If I had to pick three words to describe this week’s edition of Spoiler Alert!, they’d be “no,” “holds” and “barred.”

Not only do Matt Mitovich and I dissect the the highs and lows of Fringe‘s final season, check the vitals of two bubble dramas (666 Park Avenue and Last Resort) and contemplate the long-term impact of Dr. Thomas’ death on Grey’s Anatomy (and, in particular, on Cristina), we also get to the bottom of Anne Hathaway’s “mean-spirited” Claire Danes parody and reveal what Gossip Girl has planned for the moments after its “technical” ending.

All that and more is just a click away!

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