'Simpsons' Gets Athletic With Matt Leinart, Vin Scully Tribute, and Dan Fouts?

Superfan TV

On The Simpsons, Homer tried to get some work done around the house with the help of an app called Chore Monkey. He even used the app to get someone to play catch with his son. That someone turned out to be 2004 Heisman winner, Matt Leinart.

While Leinart and Bart tossed the pigskin around, Homer became jealous when he heard Bart express his love for the former USC quarterback. Leinart was drafted in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft, however, his six-year career was a disappointment. He threw more interceptions than touchdowns!

Another football star, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts, was also scheduled to appear in the episode. There was even a preview clip posted on the show's official Fox web page. But, when the show actually aired on Sunday night, Dan Fouts had become someone else. In the preview clip, the same character, who was labeled as Dan Fouts was actually called Blake, and he wasn't a former football player, he was a retired FBI hostage negotiator.

Whether or not Blake was Dan Fouts or Dan Fouts was Blake, The Simpsons ended the episode on a less confusing note, with a shout out to baseball broadcasting legend, Vin Scully.