‘Late Show’ Premieres ‘Cheers’-Inspired Ad for Denver’s Marijuana-Friendly Bars

Superfan TV

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Stephen informed everyone that voters in Denver, Colorado, just approved a law allowing bars and restaurants to let their customers use marijuana. Stephen joked, “You still can't smoke indoors, and you'll have to stay in designated toking areas. I assume, your dorm room with a towel under the door, or any van with a wizard painted on the side.”

Stephen then claimed that he had the new ad from Denver’s tourism council promoting the new marijuana-friendly bars and restaurants. The opening from Cheers started to play, although it had marijuana-inspired lyrics. The tune started off with, “Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got, take a break from all your worries, relax and smoke some pot,” and ended with, “You can smoke it in a bar where everybody knows your name, well I just forgot your name.”