Shia LaBeouf Tells Ellen About His Wedding

Will Lerner


Shia LaBeouf was on Ellen and confirmed to host Ellen DeGeneres that he did indeed get married to Mia Goth. There had been speculation that it was yet another performance-art piece by the actor. Clark County in Nevada, where the wedding took place, actually tweeted about it, saying it was a commitment ceremony, and the county has no marriage license on record. Regardless, LaBeouf is calling it a wedding, one that he and Goth intended to keep private.


“So the plan was to make it a private deal, right?” LaBeouf said. “In Vegas … at Viva Vegas Wedding Chapel. And part of the King Tut package, you get a live stream for free. Part of the deal. And I said, ‘You know, we don’t really need that; as a matter of fact, we’ll just take our little private tape.’”
“We get back home, and it’s like, whoa,” LaBeouf said when he learned the video had been shared online. “I called them up and they said someone pressed the wrong button that sends the video to TMZ. I said I understood and I looked. I checked with my girl, she’s like, ‘Hey what are you going to do?’ It was love, so we’re proud of it — it was love.”

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