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Most Viral Photos: #10 Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Claudine Zap
Yahoo News
December 3, 2012
Most Viral Photos: #10 Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

It was a photo taken by chance as a smiling, fresh-faced Zeddie Little ran by photographer Will King, who was there to take pictures of his friends but instead hit viral gold with this perfect shot of a stranger now famous on the Web. The snap of the 25-year-old running a 10K race in Charleston, S.C., shows a smiling competitor looking straight at the camera, the sun glinting through his perfectly coiffed hair and showing his perfect pearly whites. He almost appears to be photobombing the race, so out of place from the rest of the struggling runners. King posted the photo on his Flickr account and then on the website Reddit — and "ridiculously photogenic guy" quickly became a meme. He replaced the Mona Lisa, stood by Mitt Romney, and appeared as a gladiator. As Little told "Good Morning America," "It's the most flattering way to get spread across the Internet." (Photo courtesy Will King/Flickr)