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'Wanna Be You' by Rathborne - Free MP3

'Wanna Be You' by Rathborne - Free MP3'Wanna Be You' by Rathborne - Free MP3

Artist: Rathborne
Song: "Wanna Be You"
Album: SOFT

"'Wanna Be You' was written in a kind of fever haze when I was wandering around the streets of NYC late at night," Luke Rathborne tells Rolling Stone. "I walked by some magazines and it hit me how American life is all about this intense desire of wanting to be somebody else. We grow up with this teenage mythology of James Dean or Buddy Holly dying in car wrecks or fading away. Everywhere you go there's this idea that if you aren't somebody you're dead."

This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: 'Wanna Be You' by Rathborne - Free MP3