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Rihanna Exorcises Demons in 'What Now'

Rihanna doesn't seem on the surface like someone who would have many inner demons to get rid of, but her new video for "What Now" seems to indicate there's something lurking deep down. The new clip finds the R&B star belting out the sixth single from 2012's Unapolagetic, where glitchy camera work films her bouncing around a dirty white room. Is she in an insane asylum? Is this just an elaborate Rihanna metaphor for fame? Can a charmer like Rihanna really be that lonely? Sadly, answers to these questions are left to the viewer. 

Rihanna and 13 More Artists Destined for Immortality

Rihanna's been busy throughout 2013, mostly consumed with the "Diamonds World" tour, which brought her to Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the U.S. It wraps tonight in New Orleans. Earlier this year, she was featured in Seth Rogen's summer comedy This Is the End, and released her fourth fragrance, "Rogue," this September.  

This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: Rihanna Exorcises Demons in 'What Now'