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The Men Reinvent Yet Again for 'Another Night' - Song Premiere

The Men Reinvent Yet Again for 'Another Night' - Song PremiereThe Men Reinvent Yet Again for 'Another Night' - Song Premiere

Because they subvert expectations at every turn, the Men might be punk rock’s most punk band. The group formed in Brooklyn in 2008 as a nasty, post-punk noise group that released vicious seven-minute epics. But with the release of 2012's Open Your Heart, the band began to experiment with genres, crossing into country, classic rock and surf music. Next, 2013's Campfire Songs EP found them going fully folk-acoustic. Just as it seemed that they would "mature," the band reinvent themselves yet again – on "Another Night," from their upcoming Tomorrow's Hits album – as a slamming blue-eyed soul group.

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"We had been kickin' the horns idea around for a little while, thinking about Fun House by the Stooges, Exile on Main Street by the Stones and all those old classics Stax and Motown records," singer-guitarist Mark Perro tells Rolling Stone. "[Bassist] Ben Greenberg called up some of his jazz buddies to come in for a few hours – we tracked it entirely live, with them in the room with us. There are no overdubs on this one. It's just the sound of the seven of us going for it."

"Another Night" opens with bouncing piano chords and soaring horns that would fit equally at home on a Johnnie Taylor or Bruce Springsteen record. The vocals come in with a loose, howling delivery, telling a classic tale of love lost while riding the vibrant rhythm. Meanwhile, the band focuses on feeling over production or perfection, creating a tune that embodies what's so great about wild and loose rock & roll. This might reference the hallmarks of classic genres, but it's remarkably fresh.

Tomorrow’s Hits is out March 4th and the Men start a tour at the beginning of that month.

This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: The Men Reinvent Yet Again for 'Another Night' - Song Premiere