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Deadmau5: Ultra Music Fest Is 'Same F---ing Thing Every Year'

Electronic music star Deadmau5 released a 12-minute video to his fans on YouTube in which he slammed the Ultra Music Festival for its high ticket prices and unreasonable exclusivity contracts.

"Ultra to me is the definition of insanity – doing the same fucking thing every year, expecting different results every time," Deadmau5 says in the clip. "It's fun and it's cool, and if you've never been, go. But if you are one of those dudes that go every year, it's like, why would you go again?"

The producer balked at the high ticket prices for VIP tickets. "Five hundred and ninety-five fucking dollars for a ticket?" he said. "Wow, someone is laughing to the bank."

Deadmau5's main beef with the festival is that DJs on the bill are prohibited from playing sets at other venues while they are in town for the event. "[Winter Music Conference] used to be the Christmas for the fucking DJ, because you go to Miami for a week and play up to eight gigs that fucking week, easily," he says.

You can watch Deadmau5's full rant about the Ultra Music Festival in the clip below.

Deadmau5: Ultra Music Fest Is 'Same F---ing Thing Every Year'