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Boys Noize Seeks Super Powers in 'What You Want' – Premiere

Superheroes usually have secret identities, right? In Boys Noize's video for Out of the Black cut "What You Want," an unassuming fellow moves into a new neighborhood, but all his neighbors are openly superhuman. The bewildered guy carries his boxes into his new house, but his mover uses telekinesis to ease the process. Inspired, he begins a training regimen to work out, but finds himself surrounded by overwhelming everyday greatness. At the suggestion of cheerleaders, he goes to a church, where he finds the true source of everyone's power.

The 25 DJs That Rule The Earth: Boys Noize

"This particular track was inspired by the vibes I get from the Beastie Boys," Boys Noize told Rolling Stone last July. "Their Licensed to Ill album is one of my all-time favorite records, and to me 'What You Want' has some sort of B-boy style mixed with my obsession on robot vocals and modern sound aesthetics. This song combines a lot of things I love about electronic music."