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'Algol' by Dawn of Midi - Free MP3

'Algol' by Dawn of Midi - Free MP3'Algol' by Dawn of Midi - Free MP3

Artist: Dawn of Midi
Song: "Algol"
Album: Dysnomia

"On 'Algol,' the penultimate track of Dysnomia, the bass and piano eclipse binary while the drums provide the line of sight," Dawn of Midi bassist Aakaash Israni tells Rolling Stone. "Algol, known colloquially as the Demon star in the constellation Perseus, is one of the best known eclipsing binaries, or two stars whose orbits lie so nearly in the line of sight of the observer that the components undergo mutual eclipses."

This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: 'Algol' by Dawn of Midi - Free MP3