Russell Simmons Defends His Friendship With Donald Trump

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Russell Simmons stopped by The Daily Show Monday night, where it is nearly impossible for people not to discuss Donald Trump and the election. Simmons apparently has a long history with Trump, as he told Trevor Noah that he’s known the Republican presidential candidate for 30 years. Simmons said that he and the Donald have traveled together, that he was with Trump on his first date with Melania, and that Trump even wrote the foreword to Simmons’s first book. The host then joked with Simmons, saying, “So you’re the black friend he talks about.”

Simmons explained that while his opinions may drastically differ with other people’s opinions, he loves everyone and doesn’t think that is a reason not to be friends. Although he made it abundantly clear that while he thinks Trump is funny, the Def Jam co-founder doesn’t think he should be president.

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