Rumors hint updated OnePlus 3S may get a power boost with the Snapdragon 821 chip

Andy Boxall
Rumors hint updated OnePlus 3S may get a power boost with the Snapdragon 821 chip
The OnePlus 3 isn't an old phone, but rumors are spreading OnePlus may be planning to update the phone with a new processor, and a different screen. Here's what we think we know about the OnePlus 3S.

The OnePlus 3 is not only an excellent smartphone, it’s also an extremely well-priced smartphone, and one we heartily recommend. However, there are rumors OnePlus may refresh the phone soon, ensuring it stays right up to date and can still compete with the latest, greatest, and much more expensive devices going on sale now.

Rumors of a OnePlus 3S or OnePlus 3 Plus, as it’s currently known, have spread from GizmoChina, where it’s stated the device won’t have a brand new design, but will feature slightly altered components. The main change will be the processor, according to the site’s source, which may change from the Snapdragon 820 to the newer and more powerful Snapdragon 821 chip.

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The other possible specification change is that OnePlus 3 may change the beautiful AMOLED screen, apparently due to supply problems, for an LCD panel. Thankfully, this has been refuted by OnePlus’s co-founder Carl Pei, who tweeted the company will continue using AMOLED panels for, “the forseeable future.”

If alterations are to be made to the camera, storage space, or other aspects of the phone, the current rumors don’t mention them.

Looking at OnePlus’s online store, in the U.S. the gold model is out of stock and the grey version has an approximately 11 day lead time. In the U.K. both colors are in stock, with the gold model shipping in less than a week. In China, neither versions are in stock at the time of writing. The OnePlus 3 has only been available since June, so is hardly an old device. Updating it with the Snapdragon 821 — the same processor inside the new $650-plus Pixel phones — would make it even more desirable if it retains the $400 price tag.

For now, it’s all rumor and speculation, but we’ll keep you updated on any OnePlus 3S developments.