'Rihanna 777' Documentary Coming to Fox in May

Eric R. Danton
Rolling Stone
'Rihanna 777' Documentary Coming to Fox in May

Rihanna's "777" promotional tour last year wasn't just a publicity stunt for her new album Unapologetic: now it's a documentary, too, which will air on Fox in May.

The singer last year loaded 256 fans and journalists onto a Boeing 777 airplane and took them with her as she performed seven concerts in seven days in seven cities around the world. The new documentary, Rihanna 777, which her Fenty Films produced, is said to go behind the scenes of the trip, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

7 Lessons Learned From Rihanna's '777' Tour

The globe-spanning trip frustrated journalists who complained they had no access to the singer, were made to spend long stretches sitting in the plane on the tarmac and had to witness Rihanna perform essentially the same show seven different times as they traveled from Mexico City to Toronto, then Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London and finally New York.

Despite the scathing tone of some of the coverage, Unapologetic debuted at Number One on the Billboard 200 albums chart, and her single hit the top of the Hot 100 chart the day after the tour finished. 

Rihanna 777 is expected to air May 6.


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