Ridiculous ‘Duck Dynasty’ Election Decides Duck Commander-In-Chief

Superfan TV

In case people were missing the fun and excitement of an election, the Duck Dynasty guys decided to have an election of their own. Willie and Jase Robertson decided to run for president of their Homeowner’s Association. Jase thought the last president had too many rules and regulations, while Willie just didn’t want Jase to be president.

The guys went around putting signs in people’s yards to try to gain votes, and Willie came up with the slogan, “Don’t be silly, elect Willie.” Willie and Jase also had a debate where the hot-button topic was Jase’s hot garbage. Jase said, “Everyone should burn their garbage in a barrel! You need to check your garbage right now there are at least a million maggots.” Apparently, Jase is known around town for burning his garbage, which probably doesn’t smell to great.

Following the debate, the people voted and selected Willie as their Duck Commander-In-Chief, and president of the HOA. Although, once Willie found out how much work goes into the position, he decided his first order of business was to resign.