Rhymefest & DJ Jazzy Jeff Supply Mellow Vibes on 'Acquired Taste': Listen


Last month, Rhymefest and DJ Jazzy Jeff debuted their new duo aptly called Jeff N& Fess. Their initial offering "No Fear" proved that the tandem had potential to be a formidable pair. Now, Jeff N Fess are back with their new track "Acquired Taste" featuring Eric Roberson.

The harmonious tune is filled with dreamy piano keys as Rhymefest spits about his appreciation for life and love. "I want a circle of friends to circulate the wealth/Even your blood should circulate, 'cause that's good for your health/I put a ring on her finger, that's a circle of trust/Let's figure out how to make the world revolve around us," he raps.

Jazzy's soulful production mixed with Rhymefest's elite wordplay on "Acquired Taste" is instant gratification for any hip-hop head.

Take a listen below.