'Pretty Little Liars' Post-Mortem Poll: Is Spencer Really Joining the 'A' Team?

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We're still picking up our jaws from the floor after watching Tuesday night's episode of "Pretty Little Liars." There's no question -- next week's mid-season finale is going to be major!

Still, even amidst more daddy drama for Caleb, bloody Alison flashbacks, and missing person discoveries by Emily's mom, there are really only two questions that are blowing our minds: Are Aria and Ezra done for good (no, no, say it ain't so!)? And, more importantly, has Spencer gone to the dark side?

We were teased a bit last week when Mona paid Miss Hastings a visit at Radley Sanitarium. Spencer seemed as if she was starting to see the world from a new light.

Now, after a little more bonding time with the (handsome) orderly, Spencer discovers a map Mona made or was using -- which is it? Argh! -- that leads her to some hidden treasure clues, including a visitor's pass from the über-suspicious Cece. Of course, Wren cuts her off at the pass, and who knows if she actually was able to keep and study said clues?

Still, the big moment didn't really strike us until the end of the episode, when Spence removed the pills she's not taking from inside her pillowcase … and a very telling black hooded sweatshirt.

Frankly, we're not sure what to think. We know she's feeling all dark and twisty after Toby's big betrayal, but we're still holding out hope that he was a double agent and really just looking out for Spencer. But maybe that's actually her plan, and she intends to protect her friends. Or, you know, maybe she's really lost it for good. Yikes!

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