President Garrison Returns to South Park to Get Revenge

Superfan TV

Now that the election is over on South Park, Mr. Garrison started making the transition to President Garrison. In a scene straight out of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, President Garrison was seen getting a Trump-style hairpiece lowered onto his head like Darth Vader did with his helmet in his meditation chamber. Also, throughout the show, President Garrison was accompanied by some music that sounded similar to “The Imperial March.”

President Garrison wanted to take advantage of his newfound power, so he returned to South Park to seek revenge on some people that wronged him in the past, like yelling at Eduardo, the grocery store employee, because he refused to double bag Garrison’s groceries.

Although, President Garrison’s revenge tour had to stop because he was called back to Washington for an emergency. When he arrived at the Pentagon, President Garrison needed a tour of the facilities. The President liked the “Drone Program” room and the “Extreme Interrogation” room, but he wasn’t really a fan of the “Diplomatic Strategy and Negotiating” room. As President Garrison walked into that room and saw all the frantic commotion, he simply said, “Oh, geez, this doesn't look very fun.”