Prepare for the Return of 'Empire' With the Show's Best Memes


With the third season of Fox's smash hit Empire returning to small screens Wednesday night (Sept. 21), fans will be keeping up with the Lyons on a weekly basis once again. The explosive season 2 finale may have left us with some questions, but the Internet can still count on a generous amount of meme madness following each episode.

5 Questions That Remain After This Week's 'Empire' Finale

In anticipation of Empire's comeback, LOL with us while browsing through the best memes about the show below:


Not here tho ✋-- @empirememes -- The only place you will find original memes. So stay tuned 'cuz we got some nice ones coming up. --

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Why have one meme when you can have many? 


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Count on Cookie to keep it real. 

Y'all still playing ------ #Empire

- DeMarko Gage :) (@DeMarko_Gage) September 24, 2015

#empire bruhhhhhhh --------

- Keante'&tradeⓂ️ 94K (@Flyallogy) September 24, 2015

In an efforts to prove her point to Jamal -- in the words of DJ Khaled -- Mama Lyon gave her cub "another one."

Anita arched that back like #EmpireSeason2

- ----♛ (@meemurz) September 24, 2015

Boo Boo Kitty's twerking scene in the season two premiere of Empire sent timelines into a frenzy, as she awkwardly danced for Mimi.

Droppin tomorrow on #Empire records, bruh.

- Rusty Redenbacher (@rustymk2) March 19, 2015

When Cookie learned Lucious killed her cousin Bunkie and tried to suffocate Lucious with a pillow, the patriarch dished out special gifts to the family, including a pillow for Cookie. Hence, this Drake-inspired meme.

Jamal Lyon lol #Empire

- Shady Fan Blog (@Eminem_2016_) March 19, 2015

Instead of showing up to a rap battle to actually rap, Jamal hopped onstage and earned respect by singing "So what I'm gay, it don't matter/ God ain't make you no better than me."

@EmpireFOX This one forsure loooool #MEMEMPIRE

- Abenazer Albe (@Albefamous) April 15, 2015

While Cookie is the feisty matriarch on Wednesday nights, Kerry Washington has held down the primetime slot on Thursdays with Scandal, and fans couldn't help making joint memes pitting these leading ladies against each other.