What Pair Of (In)Famous Exes Played The ACM Awards…Two Miles Apart?

Wendy Geller
Our Country (NEW)

Call it coincidence? Or maybe not. The producers of the Academy of Country Music Awards had to have an inkling of what they were doing when they decided to schedule a performance including John Mayer...directly after one including his best-known former girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Serendipitous as it may seem, like anything having to do with a multi-million dollar production, it's certain the timing was well planned. However, the organizers of the event had the presence of mind to at least keep the infamous exes within driving distance from each other.

Swift showed up first on the ACMs stage at the MGM Arena accompanying Tim McGraw (along with Keith Urban) for his new tune "Highway Don't Care." Directly following that, Mayer--immortalized unfavorably in Swift's stinging ballad "Dear John"--popped up on the show's auxiliary fan-jam stage safely located a full two miles away at the Orleans Arena, where he helped Brad Paisley shred guitar on latest single "Beat This Summer."

It's probably a good thing the show's bigwigs made the decision to keep the two artists apart. As all Swift fans know, the country superstar has a bad habit of calling out ex-boyfriends in embarrassing manners--as she allegedly did most recently at February's Grammy Awards, to One Direction's Harry Styles.

Now, to be entirely fair: Swift has never misbehaved in the slightest at a country show--she knows that audience expects her to behave like a lady--plus, she was performing as McGraw's guest. And, she'd likely be game to give Mayer a break--he just broke up with Katy Perry, after all.

Still, there's always a first for everything, so better safe than sorry. At any rate, we're sure there would have been no end of awkward camera-panning-to-the-audience moments when the two artists respectively appeared on stage.

Fans and media noticed the fun little near-miss, as well. A blogger at Keepin' It Country tweeted the wry comment "Is John Mayer wearing that necklace to fend off Taylor Swift's dancing?" in a reference to Swift's oft-cited over-enthusiastic dancing at awards shows.

In this case, the pendant obviously wasn't necessary. Swift may have done well with a lucky talisman of some sort, however, as she went home empty-handed from the ACMs after being nominated in no less than four categories--including Entertainer, Album, and Female Vocalist of the Year.

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