Yahoo! On the Road

Gossip performed in Seattle on May 26 as part of the Yahoo! On the Road tour.

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Blissed-out defiance has long been a part of Gossip's main objective, because its success has been so hard won. A little punk band that could, they dropped a pair of "riot-grrrl" evoking albums that garnered them clout as the coolest female-positive band in the Pacific Northwest.

Beth Ditto is the undisputed leader of this DIY charge -- a people's diva, if you will, who transforms the curious into thralls with as much old-time charm as boundless gusto. That comes in handy when your band is rounded out by guitarist Brace Paine and drummer Hannah Blilie.

It took the band seven diligent years to prove they had unbiased appeal. Since its start, Gossip has made fans out of Kate Moss and Madonna. The band has attracted breathless attention of the European paparazzi and inspired Jean Paul Gaultier to use Ditto as a runway model, as well as MAC Cosmetics to collaborate with her.

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