Gold Fields

Yahoo! On the Road
Gold Fields

Gold Fields performed in Dallas on May 20 as part of the Yahoo! On the Road tour.

Gold Fields’ debut album Black Sun (download on iTunes) is armed with pop hooks, tribal beats, dance rhythms, and plenty of emotion. Revered for their larger-than-life live show and praised by the New York Times for its “tuneful pop approachability,” the Australia band has brought its unique sound stateside.

The Huffington Post declared the quintet was “one of the most impressive bands you will ever experience.” Gold Fields confirmed this well-earned title by blowing away audiences at festivals across the U.S. this past year, including South by Southwest, CMJ, Filter Magazine's Culture Collide Festival and Fun Fun Fun.

The band's first single “Dark Again” is a pop gem flecked with driving guitars and bright synths, all building to a heavy-hitting chorus that’s sure to make you move. Black Sun also contains “Treehouse” and the electrically-charged “Moves,” which is a crowd favorite at their live shows thanks to its infectious beat.

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