DJ Jonny Famous

Yahoo! On the Road
DJ Jonny Famous

DJ Jonny Famous performed at the following Yahoo! On the Road tour dates:

May 3 - New York City, NY
May 4 - Philadelphia, PA
May 5 - Washington, DC
May 6 - Columbus, OH
May 7 - Cincinnati, OH
May 8 - Cleveland, OH
May 9 - Detroit, MI

Jonathan "Jonny Famous" Sollis is a born and raised New York DJ.

Coming from an extremely musical family, a career in music seemed like his chosen path from birth. DJing was a craft that Jonny learned about in high school from his friend and now major hip-hop producer Harry Fraud. It wasn't until later in life, when throwing a party in downtown NY, that he would meet his new teacher and DJ mentor, a 14-year-old wiz kid DJ named Jesse Marco. Jonny would sneak an underage Jesse into NY's hottest parties to DJ and learned the craft as Jesse showed him the perfect technique and art of turntablism. Being a lover of music since he was a boy, once Jonny understood the roots of DJing, he couldn't get enough.

Now, 10 years later, after DJing all over America in top clubs and for clients such as Gucci, HBO and Jimmy Buffet, Jonny is using his talents to join Yahoo! On the Road.

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