Yahoo! On the Road

Dispatch will be performed in Boise, Idaho on May 28 as part of the Yahoo! On the Road tour.

“We’ve been called the biggest band nobody’s ever heard of,” says Brad Corrigan, one of Dispatch’s three singers and multi-instrumentalists. "People either know everything about us or they know nothing. There never seems to be any middle ground."

How Corrigan, Chad Stokes, and Pete Francis met in college, formed a band, and -- with no radio airplay, major-label support, or significant press coverage -- became one of the biggest draws on the live music scene, and arguably the biggest independent rock band in history, is a remarkable story. Though Dispatch hadn’t released a full-length album since 2000, and even officially called it quits in 2004, its music continued to capture the hearts and minds of new generations of rock fans through pure word-of-mouth.

A 2004 farewell show at the Hatch Shell in Boston drew 110,000 people, including fans from Europe, South America, and Australia. Having repaired their friendships and reconciled the issues that led to their break-up, the members of Dispatch regrouped for massive U.S. tours in both summer 2011 and fall 2012. Dispatch are currently touring behind Circles Around the Sun, their first full-length studio album in over a decade.

Full schedule of events | Dispatch's official site