Ben Lyons

Yahoo! On the Road
Ben Lyons

Ben Lyons will be the host for the Yahoo! On the Road festival, beginning on April 29 in New York until ending in San Francisco on May 31.

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Entertainment reporter Ben Lyons will be your guide for the Yahoo! On the Road tour, taking you from coast to coast as Yahoo! brings users the best in live entertainment and technology. Lyons will be interviewing celebrities, musicians and comedians on the road, and will also take it to the streets to interact with Yahoo! users all across the country. 

The entertainment guru Lyons hosts a regular show on Yahoo! called "The Sidebar: Cocktails and Conversations," where he travels to seven different major cultural events every month and sits down for some cocktails and conversations with Hollywood’s hottest tastemakers. You can find him at NYC Fashion Week, SXSW, the Tribeca Film Festival, Lollapalooza and more interviewing the likes of Olivia Wilde, Josh Duhamel, Kevin Connolly and others.

Full schedule of events | Ben Lyons' Tumblr page