Nurse Orders Karev Around on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Superfan TV

On Grey’s Anatomy, Doctor Karev continues to deal with the aftermath of his assault on DeLuca, being regulated to the hospital clinic, where he was under the thumb of the bossy head nurse.

Karev had to be on his best behavior after losing his temper with DeLuca, and because Karev was still fighting a felony charge as a result of the incident. However, his boss at the clinic, Nurse Tamir Dahr, was testing his temper.

Tamir bossed the surgeon around throughout the day. He wouldn’t allow Karev to do simple surgery on the patients, and he wouldn’t allow Karev to leave early in order to meet up with his lawyers.

To add insult to injury, Tamir made Karev call a surgical intern to the clinic in order to do the work that Karev was forbidden to do. The surgeon who answered his call was Karev’s ex, Jo, causing a very awkward moment between the two.