Nick Offerman’s Suggestions for What to Do With Your Trump and Clinton Yard Signs

Superfan TV

Nick Offerman was a ray of sunshine during Stephen Colbert’s very somber election coverage Tuesday night when he starred in a fake commercial for Schmidt’s Yard Signs. Offerman, as Schmidt, marketed signs covering a much wider range of subjects than just political statements or telling neighbors to pick up after their dogs. Some such signs read: ‘Cantaloupe Is a Garbage Fruit’; ‘It’s Hot Out’; ‘Has Anyone Seen My Keys?’; and ‘Sheila, I’m Sorry.’

Offerman also offered some pretty great ideas for how we can use yard signs instead of just throwing them away after they’ve served their purpose. According to “Schmidt,” yard signs can be used as sleds, headboards, Christmas trees, serving trays, beach towels, kites, tombstones, and mirrors.

Stephen Colbert’s live election show has a very somber tone:

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