Nelly Fans Rally 'Hot In Herre' Streams To Help Pay Off $2.4 Million Tax Debt


With the revelation that Nelly is facing a massive $2.4 million tax lien from the IRS, fans are rallying to help the Grammy winner keep his assets in the best way they know how: by listening to "Hot in Herre" over and over again, of course. 

The #HotInHerreStreamingParty has heated up on Twitter, with backers pledging their support and offering advice to their comrades, such as this pro tip:  

pro tip: turn your phone to mute and put on "hot in herre" while you sleep tonight. 7 hours sleep = 110 plays #hotinherrestreamingparty

- jim jar-jarmusch (@bergmansbro) September 13, 2016


TMZ, who reported the lien over the weekend, says that sources close to the rapper say he's working with tax authorities to resolve the issue. The $2.4 million lien, which was filed in August, stems from unpaid taxes in 2013. If Nelly doesn't pay what he owes to the IRS, they could seize his assets and property.