Mr. Carmack & Djemba Djemba Drop 'Rekindling' EP to Support Standing Rock Protest


Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba want you to do more than post political memes. They want you to buy a $7 EP that could actually make a difference.

You may have heard the phrase "I stand with Standing Rock," seen it plastered around your Facebook or on t-shirts. In case you don't know, Standing Rock is the Sioux Native American reservation in North Dakota embroiled in protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline that, if completed, would move hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil a day, but could also present serious health and safety issues to surrounding communities in the event of manufacturing failure.

Beyond the possibility of environmental damage, the Sioux say they were not properly consulted before the pipeline's construction was approved, which violates the native population's sovereignty. The Sioux and thousands of supporters have gathered in peaceful protest camps to block the build since the summer, and recent violent attacks on the camps have made headlines.

Not everyone can drop their responsibilities and physically stand with Standing Rock, but everyone can spend $7 toward the effort and enjoy some high-class dance music at the same time. Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba put together a nine-track EP called Rekindling, and 100 percent of the proceeds will support the #NODAPL protest effort. More than $8,000 has been raised so far.

Rekindling features three tracks from Mr. Carmack, three tracks from Djemba Djemba, a message from Native protestor Julie Richards, a special "Thanksgiving Address," and a collaborative tune. You can buy the EP now on bandcamp.

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