Morrissey: Paul McCartney Should Return His Knighthood

Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneFebruary 28, 2013
Morrissey: Paul McCartney Should Return His Knighthood

In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Morrissey said that Paul McCartney should give back his knighthood if he truly believes in causes like animal rights. The former Beatle recently expressed dismay that Los Angeles' Staples Center would go meat-free (at least partially) for Morrissey's upcoming concert there, despite the venue turning down his own request – a fact Moz found rather amusing.

"Really, he should be happy for any victory on behalf of the animals," said Morrissey. "I know he works tirelessly for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA], but he also loves the British royals, whose treatment of animals is abysmal. The Queen herself wears enough fur to blanket most of Russia. . . If he cared passionately about animals, he'd return his knighthood. He doesn't need the Queen's approval. He's given more pleasure to people worldwide than she could ever dream of."

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Along with his Staples Center request, Morrissey's vehement vegetarianism led him to cancel a rare TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as the episode's other scheduled guests were the stars of the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty, who make products for duck hunting.

During the interview, Morrissey also discussed his ongoing search for a label, saying that he's holding back releasing a follow-up to 2009's Years of Refusal until he can find one. "I have no DIY instincts, and recording without a major label would give the music world yet another reason to completely ignore me," he said, adding the only offer he's gotten was a "very poor one" from Sony.

As for taking an independent route, Moz said he'd rather stick with a major label because "they have the machinery, and they can use it when they want to. I mean, look at the Grammys – most of those winners actually have no popularity with the public."

Following the cancellations of a slew of shows after being diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer, Morrissey is set to to resume his U.S. tour when he performs at the Staples Center this Friday.


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