Buy an Xbox One S bundle with a free game and $50 credit

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Buy an Xbox One S bundle with a free game and $50 credit
The ongoing console wars are having a positive effect on gaming deals. Currently, the Microsoft Store offers two Xbox One S bundles with a free game and $50 credit from $299. Casual gamers who opt for the older Xbox One pay just $249 for a similar bundle.

The Xbox One S is Microsoft’s answer to the PlayStation 4 Slim. Outside of the holidays, deals on Microsoft’s console are rare, but stiff competition from Sony is making it slightly less expensive to be a gamer these days. Currently, the Microsoft Store offers two generous Xbox One S bundles with prices starting at $299.

The first bundle includes the 500GB console with the just-released Minecraft Favorites bundle. You also get to choose a free game from a select library and get a bonus $50 Microsoft Store credit via email. Meanwhile, the second bundle includes the 1TB console with Gears of War 4, a free game, and the same $50 Microsoft Store credit for $349.

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Released this past summer, the Xbox One S is about 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One. Whereas the original Xbox One’s resolution topped out at 1080p, the Xbox One S packs 4K and HDR support for Blurays and streaming. That lets you stream 4K content from Netflix or via your favorite 4K Blurays.

The console also sports an updated Xbox app, which lets you buy games digitally on your PC and have them ready on your Xbox One S console. Meanwhile, Cortana — Microsoft’s digital assistant — has also made her debut on the new Xbox One S.

Looking to save a few extra bucks? The Microsoft Store also offers the Xbox One 500GB console with your choice of two free games and a $50 MS Store Credit for $249. However, keep in mind that this is the older Xbox One model, which means you won’t have 4K media support, but if you’re a casual gamer looking to make the smallest financial commitment possible, this is your best bet.

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