Megyn Kelly Reacts to Donald Trump Victory as Co-Host on ‘Live’

Superfan TV

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly co-hosted Live on Wednesday, and believe it or not, they talked about the election. Many people thought Hillary Clinton would come away with a clear victory, but that obviously didn’t happen. The reason so many expected a Clinton victory is that’s what most polls showed. Kelly explained why those polls were so wrong.

“There really was a hidden trump vote. You heard some people talk about the hidden Trump vote. And the reason they say that happened is because when the pollsters called up and figured out if you were a likely voter, they weren’t counting enough Trump voters who really were gonna come to the polls this time,” Kelly said.

Kelly said that the people who are disappointed in the outcome of the election should keep an open mind and wait to see what the next president does. She also still has hope for America.

“We can fight still. There can be disagreements on policy. You can criticize positions or language or statements. But we all share the same basic core values as Americans, and that’s what we should focus on,” Kelly said.

Stephen Colbert’s live election coverage has a very somber tone:

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