Matt LeBlanc Recalls Acting 'Like a Fool' During His Appearance at Taylor Swift's Concert


While appearing as a guest on Conanlast night (Nov. 15), Matt LeBlanc and Conan O'Brien bonded over their teenage daughters. When asked, "What about music, do you like the same music?" LeBlanc had the perfect story to share.

He recalled taking his daughter to see Taylor Swift last year at the Staples Center, what should have been a normal occurrence. Though during the pre-show meet-and-greet -- where he ran into Chris Rock and his daughter -- Swift asked a (not so small) favor of the fathers. She suggested they both strut down the stage during "Style," to which they shrugged and decided why the hell not.

"We both look at each other and just kind of go, 'Okay, just turn it up to a 11, and act like a fool. Here we go,'" LeBlanc said. They followed through, and channeled their inner dad to the utmost extreme. Even when LeBlanc asked his daughter the following morning what she though, her reply was blunt: "Eh, I thought your walk was cheesy."

Watch the full story below.