Mac Miller Is the New Spokesman for Prescription Med to Help Rappers Get Sad in Funny or Die Video: Watch


Mac Miller's got plenty to be happy about: His newest album The Devine Feminine is some of his best work yet and he seems to have a pretty good thing going with girlfriend Ariana Grande. And that's exactly the problem. 

What's a rapper known for his bummed out bangers, supposed to do with all these good vibes? In a new Funny or Die video, Miller is featured in a fake commercial for DreadLexa, a prescription medication designed to depress musicians so they can make better art. 

"I was worried than my newfound happiness would never end," Miller says in the video. "Now with a simple pill, I can get back to isolating the people I love and rapping about my insecurities." 

A voice over adds, "DreadLexa works best if taken with alcohol after Googling yourself. Side effects include narcissistic delusions, quickly followed by a wave of self-doubt."

Watch the clip here:

DreadLexa: The First Depressant For Rappers with Mac Miller from Funny Or Die