Low Cut Connie Flaunt Their 'Brand New Cadillac' Live

Sarah Bellman
Rolling Stone

Low Cut Connie recently returned to their favorite boozy Philadelphia dive, Ray's Happy Birthday Bar, to show off their old-school rock & roll chops. In this exclusive clip, they perform their charmingly unpolished single "Brand New Cadillac" from their latest album, Call Me Sylvia. Even during a snowstorm, the band is able to turn on the heat, invigorating the joint with a high-energy performance.

"'Brand New Cadillac' is the perfect cut for a joint like Ray's," guitarist-drummer-songwriter Dan Finnemore tells Rolling Stone. "It's all about movin' on to pastures new, but the song – especially live – asks for twistin' and shoutin' instead of crying into your Yuengling."


This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: Low Cut Connie Flaunt Their 'Brand New Cadillac' Live