Listen to Childish Gambino Mashed Up With the 'Stranger Things' Theme Song


The Netflix original series Stranger Things has captured the attention of the masses, and has already seen a slew of parody videos and remixes in honor of the hit show. Though the series' theme song is mysterious and dark, a producer named kmlkmljkl reworked the instrumental and added the high-energy vocals of Childish Gambino over the beat.

Gambino -- a.k.a. actor/producer Donald Glover, responsible for a breakout 2016 series of his own -- can be heard on the track via the vocals to his "Bonfire" single, which has been laid over the TV theme originally created by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. Gambino belts out his NSFW lyrics between the loopy, dark synths, as the block letters in the video spell out the MC's rap moniker. 

Listen to Stranger Things get the Childish Gambino treatment below.