Lindsay Lohan Rocks Cheerleader Outfit on 'Anger Management' Set [Photos]

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Lindsay Lohan guest stars on the April 11 episode of "Anger Management" on FX.

"Anger Management" Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is channeling her inner naughty sailor girl/cheerleader for a guest spot on an upcoming episode of FX's hit show "Anger Management," starring Charlie Sheen. LiLo, who'll be playing herself, donned a pleated mini, a nautical-themed crop top, knee-high socks, and pigtails for her role as Dr. Charlie Goodson's (Sheen) therapy patient who develops a relationship with him. In another scene, Lohan ditched the skimpy clothes for a floor-length, one-shouldered black gown with a shimmery bodice worthy of the red carpet. This is her first TV appearance since she portrayed Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime's widely panned movie "Liz & Dick."

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While many hope that Lohan is turning over a new leaf, her persistent issues with tardiness allegedly continued on the "Anger Management" set, when she delayed production for several hours on March 26 (day two of filming). Word has it that she was on point and on schedule for filming day one ("The first day was fine. She showed up early and did her job," said an insider) but that she held up nearly every scene the following day -- even though she arrived early to set.

An on-set source revealed to E!, "She was a colossal pain in the ass. It's a shame, because when she actually gets on camera, she is good and has comedic timing. But she comes with so much luggage, it's not worth it." The source added that "from the moment she arrived yesterday, she did nothing but hold up the production. She would sit in her trailer and stall, and she delayed until she up and left for her boyfriend's concert... She held everyone hostage." At one point, the source continued, the production crew was "so pissed they almost called police to escort her" off the set.

Despite the rumors and negative press, Lohan is feeling optimistic about her role, tweeting:

How does Sheen -- who's been open to supporting LiLo emotionally and financially -- feel about having her on set? Pretty good, it seems. When Entertainment Tonight's Rob Marciano asked Sheen if he's worried about Lohan, he said, "You have to be. But I think she seems a lot more focused now than she was five, six months ago. There is a reason that I root for [her], because we fell in love with this little girl that was just an absolute genius and had this great light about her, and that's still there. You can't extinguish that. I root for her because when you're that talented, it just doesn't go away. Sometimes your appetites get in the way."

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Given all of Sheen's past problems with drugs and alcohol, it's easy to draw parallels between Sheen to Lohan's lives, but does Sheen see himself in the troubled starlet, Marciano asked. "Hell yeah," Sheen answered. "But I, not to insult her because I'm who I am and she is who she is, I got things a little bit quicker or had better opportunities, better timing. They let me off the hook a lot sooner then they seem to want to do with her."

This "Anger Management" episode is set to air April 11, and Lohan is heading to court-mandated rehab in May.