Lily Allen Breaks Down After Visiting Refugee Camp, Incites Twitter Rage


Yesterday (Oct. 12), while visiting a refugee camp in Calais, France -- known as Calais Jungle -- U.K. pop star Lily Allen broke down in tears, all of which was captured on camera for BBC's Victoria Derbyshire program. As the channel reported, Allen had never been to a refugee camp before -- she is currently recording in a London studio less than 100 miles away from the camp -- and therefore was overwhelmed with emotion. 

"I think as human beings we have a responsibility to help those who are suffering," Allen told BBC. She later said, while speaking to a teenage Afghan refugee, "I apologize on behalf of my country, for what we've put you through."

That comment in particular sparked social media outrage, as many were angered that Allen spoke for an entire country. As a result, both viewers and Allen have engaged in discourse via Twitter regarding the controversial comment. 

I don't need your permission to say sorry to a 13 year old boy for the devastating impact our country has had on his life. You weren't there

- lily allen (@lilyallen) October 12, 2016

It was compassion and basic manners. Stop being so hateful

- lily allen (@lilyallen) October 12, 2016

That's exactly what I'm going to do now. X

- lily allen (@lilyallen) October 12, 2016