Lil Wayne Explains Tweets That Sparked Retirement Rumors
Lil Wayne Explains Tweets That Sparked Retirement Rumors
Lil Wayne finally speaks on the rumors about his retirement.

Earlier this month, Lil Wayne shared a few alarming tweets that left many of his fans concerned that he might be considering retiring from music entirely. In his string of tweets, he said that he felt "defenseless" and  "mentally defeated," and ending his message by saying that he's leaving "gracefully and thankful."

As expected, millions of fans shared their favorite memories of Wayne as an example of how much his music means to everyone. Other artists like Young Thug, Rick Ross, Chance The Rapper, and Kendrick Lamar took the time to explain Wayne's influence, while pleading for him to not give up on making new music.

Now Lil Wayne has finally received the opportunity to properly explain the tweets that sparked these retirement rumors. During a recent appearance on FS1's show Undisputed, Wayne explained to hosts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe that the tweets were fueled by the result of an argument. He admitted that he had reached his "tipping point" over his legal situation with Birdman. Further explaining that he has no plans to ever work with him again in the future. However, Wayne explained that he was surprised and touched to see artists that he doesn't know well reach out to him over this situation.

Watch Lil Wayne explain the retirement rumors below.

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