‘Let’s Make a Deal’ Contestant Pops the Question on ‘This Week in Game Shows’

Superfan TV

This week in game shows on Let’s Make a Deal, one lucky fella tried making the biggest deal of his life when he proposed to his girlfriend. She wore a prisoner’s uniform, he was dressed as a cop, and fortunately for him, she chose not to exercise her right to remain silent. She said yes!

Also on Let’s Make a Deal, it was Hammertime when one contestant showed off his untouchable dance moves.

It was Teen Tournament week on Jeopardy!, and one sophomore from California showed off her extensive knowledge of pi. She won a competition at her high school by reciting over 500 of the numbers that follow 3.14.

While that was very cool, on Family Feud, one contestant gave an answer that was very wrong. Steve Harvey asked the contestant to name a superhero whose tights she’d love to get your hands into, and she answered, “Peter Pan.”

Watch Steve Harvey lay into a Family Feud contestant for messing up the rules of the game:

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