Lena Dunham Reveals Sex Scene Related Injury

Superfan TV

Lena Dunham dropped by Late Night with Seth Meyers, where she revealed that she hurt herself while filming a rigorous sex scene for the final episode of Girls.

The television star took full credit for the mishap, saying "I was basically telling my scene partner I could do physical things that I can't actually do." In fact the unnamed actor felt unsure about the scene but Dunham insisted they continue saying, "I was like 'I may not seem athletic but I'm a beast and I can do -- my hip flexors are so open according to my yoga teacher I can do anything. Do not worry about my body at all.'"

The sexual position that caused the injury is referred to as the wheelbarrow position, which Dunham was more than happy to demonstrate for the audience. The injury from the maneuver sent to a physical therapist, who did a fantastic job. Dunham says now, "I'm great. I've never felt better. I think it was ultimately a really good thing for me."