Leaked Kanye West 911 Call Outlines Doctor’s Safety Concerns (Listen)

Lawrence Yee and Seth Kelley

A 911 call placed by Kanye West’s doctor — excerpts of which were released by TMZ on Thursday — showed concerns over the musician’s safety as well as that of the responders.

TMZ  identified the person placing the call — made on November 21 — as one of West’s doctors, Michael Farzam, a general practitioner in Los Angeles. In the call, Farzam tells dispatch to not only send medical help to the rapper’s residence, but police as well.

“… if we can have some police backup because I don’t think the paramedics…” Farzam tells the dispatcher at the top of the call. Later, the dispatcher says, “Don’t let him get any weapons or anything like that” — to ensure West’s personal safety and the safety of those arriving on the scene.

Upon arrival, authorities discovered a “medical emergency,” and West was transferred to the hospital by paramedics.

West was hospitalized on Nov. 21 in the UCLA Medical Center, and kept there for a week and a half until he was reportedly released yesterday. The morning he was hospitalized, it was announced that West would be canceling the remaining 21 dates on his Saint Pablo tour. According to TMZ, West will need ongoing psychological and medical treatment following his reported “nervous breakdown.”

Official details of his hospitalization have not yet been released.

Listen to the excerpt on TMZ’s website.

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