Leaked Footage of Hilary Duff, America Ferrera & Other Disney Stars Reveals Drawing With Magic Wand Is Hard

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Drawing with wands is more difficult than it looks! That’s what we learned from watching this cache of behind-the-scenes footage from the making of those Disney Channel Magic Wand promos. Hilary Duff, Raven-Symoné, America Ferrera, and all of your TV-Y7 favorites each got a turn to twirl about a green screen stick to illustrate a set of Mickey ears.

Some went better than others, as we saw that Duff had perhaps never seen a mouse before. Her onscreen best friend, Lalaine, was likewise artistically challenged. Jake Thomas, who played Lizzie McGuire’s little brother, tried to show off his skills, but found himself hoist by his own petard. As for Raven-Symoné, she was taught a valuable lesson that day: Never believe a director when he says, “Last one.” The whole world suddenly went dark from that serious shade. And Beans from Even Stevens is… well… a delight.

These videos surfaced online one month ago on the YouTube page of an Atlanta “edit boutique” called Guillotine Post, but it was intrepid Twitter user @HollyLikeABlvd that tracked them down. Thankfully, she uploaded them to her own feed, because Guillotine Post has since made the original videos private, so enjoy them while you still can, people! Cherish them! Cherish what can never be replaced!

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