Lady Gaga Songs Remixed: Listen to 7 of the Best


To whet the appetite of "little monsters" everywhere, the latest Lady Gaga song "Perfect Illusion" dropped on Thurs. (Sept. 8) and it's everything you'd expect a Gaga dance track to sound like. Gaga's unconventional voice is what attracts the thousands of monsters that anxiously wait for her next move and the multifaceted artist is definitely one to keep everyone guessing. 

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Thanks to a few DJ's and producers, remixes of her hottest hits have proliferated on the internet over the years. In honor of the songstress' return, here's a list of the best Lady Gaga songs remixed for your listening pleasure.



DJ White Shadow is credited for producing some of Lady Gaga's third studio effort ARTPOP and turned his hand on one of Gaga's most notable singles. Shadow builds the once heavy-techno track into a heavy electro-trap tune which becomes one of Gaga's official remixes.


"Bad Romance"

As one of dance music's most prominent figures, Skrillex has worked with Justin Bieber and more recently Rick Ross so it's a no-brainer that the producer can transform any track into a hit. With over 1 million plays on Soundcloud, Skrillex's remix of Bad Romance is just another hit to add to his resume. 



"Marry the Night"

Zedd is another producer dominating the electronic music scene and his rework of the 2011 single off Gaga's Bad Romance proves why. Gaga's vocals and dance sequences in the original single has influences of the 80's era and Zedd brings the track through time to a very present day electro beat. 


"You And I" 

This electronic rendition of the country-soul love ballad get's you moving just a little more. 


"Just Dance"

What happens when a sick beat and remixed with an even sicker beat? Dance music magic. 



Lady Gaga's music and videos lean more on the dramatic side but Afrojack takes the dark dance-pop song and boosts the tempo up turning "Alejandro" into a rave-worthy banger. 


If the beginning of this remix doesn't keep you wanting more, just wait for the rest. This melodious electronic spin is an interesting take on a Gaga classic, which is normally high energy and eccentric like the Mother Monster herself.