Kelly Ripa, Anderson Cooper, and Andy Cohen’s Assistants Reveal Gross Habits

Superfan TV

Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper visited their buddy, Andy Cohen, on Watch What Happens Live, and they all brought their assistants. Although, they probably wish they hadn’t because Andy made them play Truth or Drink, which required their assistants to answer embarrassing questions about Kelly, Anderson, and Andy or take a shot of alcohol.

Most of the time, the assistants wisely chose to take the shots, or in Kelly’s case, she had to take the shots because her assistant is pregnant. The one question the assistants all decided to answer was to name their boss’s grossest habit. Andy’s gross habit was that he sucks on Doritos before he eats them. Kelly’s assistant said that the morning show host leaves the door to the bathroom open when she in there, to which Kelly jokingly replied, “But how will you know when to wipe me?” Finally, Anderson’s assistant said that his boss’s grossest habit was hanging out with Kathy Griffin, which got a shocked reaction out of Anderson, and huge laughs out of Kelly and Andy.