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Katy Perry’s new album declared a biohazard

Dylan Stableford Yahoo Music
November 5, 2013

Katy Perry's music has been called a lot of things — "catchy," "gooey," "girly," "Californian."

You can add "a biohazard" to that list.

Australian health officials have declared Perry's new album, "Prism," a “bio-security concern" over its packaging. The deluxe version of Perry's new record comes with flower seed paper, which the "California Gurl" singer encouraged fans to plant.

Australia’s Department of Agriculture, though, is concerned that non-native seeds entering the country via international versions of "Prism" could threaten the ecosystem down under.

"Seeds or plant material of international origin may be a weed not present in Australia or the host of a plant pathogen of bio-security concern," a spokesperson for Australia’s Department of Agriculture told news.com.au. "Our bio-security officers at international airports, seaports and mail centers assess the risks associated with various items every day and are well-trained in making informed decisions about whether items could be of bio-security concern."

Despite the biohazard warning, Perry's pop is proving too irresistible to pass up. Earlier this week, "Prism" debuted at no. 1 on ARIA, Australia’s album sales chart.