John Oliver Blasts the Third Party Candidates

Superfan TV

On Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took a look at the alternative candidates' campaign. Though some have dismissed Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, Oliver ripped them apart with the scrutiny that he's reserved for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

He looked at Gary Johnson, who Oliver described as "the two-term governor of New Mexico and a man who, in most photographs, seems to be about 80% sure he's is running for president." He went on to show Johnson do things like call to dissolve multiple federal agencies without knowledge of the services they provide.

John Oliver shed light on Jill Stein's largest promise, eliminating student debt with the use of quantitative easing. He explained that power is only enacted by the Federal Reserve and, "It's akin to saying, 'I'll make us energy independent by ordering the Post Office to invade Canada.' No, that's impractical, it's a terrible idea, and you don't seem to understand anything about it."

Oliver ended his piece by saying that voters have the choice between the lesser of four evils. He said, "Anyone who goes into voting booth on November 8th and comes out saying, 'I feel 100% great about what I just did,' is either lying to themselves or did something unspeakable in that booth."