Jimmy Fallon Missed a Second Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

Superfan TV

On The Tonight Show, Nicole Kidman stopped by to talk about her new film Lion, but she also had something else on her mind. Last time she was on the show, Kidman reminded Fallon of a first date they'd gone on long ago. But, what Fallon didn't know was that he also had a second chance at a party.

Apparently, the party was at film director David Fincher's house, but Fallon could barely remember being there, let alone talking to Kidman.

"We were lurking in the kitchen. Everyone went out," Kidman said. "And, I'm like waiting and waiting and waiting, and you're at the buffet. And this is so true, and you know it. And you still didn't ask for my number."

The adorable awkwardness between the two became even more uncomfortable when Kidman's husband Keith Urban walked out, surprising Fallon. Urban broke the tension, asking, "How's the family, Jimmy?"

"Family is great. Everything's good," Fallon stumbled. "I heard that you guys, I heard that you guys -- I heard that you guys. Would you ever invite me over to the house?"