Jennifer Aniston on Why She Doesn’t Mind Watching Old Episodes of ‘Friends’

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Jennifer Aniston joined BBC’s The One Show, where the conversation inevitably turned to Friends. Host Alex Jones asked if Aniston watches old episodes of the show, which is syndicated on multiple channels, and Aniston said that she can’t help but watch. But for a former cast member of the hit show, watching is a bit different than it is for the casual fan.

“First of all, I’m trying to remember which episode it is. Then, half the time I’m saying to myself, ‘I don’t remember that.’ And then, you know, you get sucked into the nostalgia of it,” Aniston said.

When it comes to the theme song, though, Aniston does not look back with he same nostalgic joy. In fact, she winced when host Matt Baker asked about the theme song, “I’ll Be There for You” by the Rembrandts. Aniston’s feeling has more to do with the show’s opening sequence than the song itself. In the opening, the cast of Friends dances in and around a fountain, which Aniston, and apparently the rest of the cast, just found to be weird.

Of the opening sequence, Aniston said, “We felt it was, I don’t know, dancing in a pond … like, dancing in a fountain felt kind of odd. But we did it because we were told to.”

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