Jeezy Discusses Black Lives Matter & Homophobia in Rap on 'Larry King Now'


After bringing his music back to the trap for his recently released album Trap or Die 3, Jeezy visited Larry King Now to speak on several controversial topics affecting the hip-hop community. The Atlanta rapper touched on various topics including the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, homophobia in hip-hop and his thoughts on Barack Obama. 

Despite Obama's presence in the White House, Jeezy explained how African-Americans have struggled in America. "It's almost like nobody cares for no black men or black lives, and it's just like you've gotta put that statement in the air because we have to believe that ourselves," he told Larry King.

As police brutality continues to sting the black community, more and more African-Americans are growing weary of their everyday battles with the men in blue. Jeezy noted how instrumental social media has been in providing awareness for the ongoing crisis. "I think it's been going on. I really think that social media has made it -- or given it -- more awareness lately because social media's so fast, you see these things."

Later, Jeezy applauded the success of Young M.A., an openly gay rapper, for breaking barriers when asked about homophobia in hip-hop and his thoughts on why the genre hasn't fully embraced the idea of bringing in more gay rappers. "I guess culture-wise it just doesn't match with it -- what hip-hop represents. You know, hip-hop is about being tough and just really being dominant and just being individual with it."

Watch his full interview with Larry King below.